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OMISS provides sites where researchers, decisionmakers, and health professionals can meet to share and discuss information about ongoing research projects and the most up-to-date data. During the lunchtime conferences, a researcher is asked to suggest ways to think about how his or her research results could be applied in the field of social policy. Moreover, OMISS puts together a one-day seminar once a year. This format allows for an in-depth exploration a theme and discussion around a series of specific fields. The activities of OMISS put emphasis on exchange among participants. The objective is to encourage transfer of knowledge to promote informed exchanges that can influence social policies and practices.

Coming Events

23 April 2004 - Lunchtime conference
Direction de santé publique de Montréal, 1301,Sherbrooke East Street – Amphitheatre
Pauvreté précoce, pauvreté persistante et santé des enfants de la naissance à 3 ans et demi. Louise Séguin, médecin en santé communautaire (Université de Montréal) (The conference will be in French) (PDF)



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