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Assessing Family Policy in Canada: A New Deal for Families and Children, www.irpp.org
LEFEBVRE, Pierre and Philip MERRIGAN (UQAM). Institute for Research on Public Policy, Montréal, June 2003.

This exhaustive study concludes that recent federal and provincial government initiatives are misguided and have not efficiently addressed the problems of child poverty. Further, when these programs are combined with current welfare and unemployment assistance programs, there is no real incentive for families to increase their employment income, authors say. They also find that equity has been reduced for two-child, two-parent, working families..

Investir tôt et bien, plutôt que mal et tard : la politique familiale au Québec et au Canada (http://www.irpp.org/po/index.htm)
LEFEBVRE, Pierre and Philip MERRIGAN. Institute for Research on Public Policy. Policy Options August 2003; Vol 24 No 7.

Santé, Société et Solidarité : Pauvreté et Exclusion. Observatoire franco-québécois de la santé et de la solidarité. Québec : Les publications du Québec. Santé, Société et Solidarité (2003 - Vol. 1).

Ce numéro de la revue de l'Observatoire franco-québécois de la santé et de la solidarité traite de pauvreté et d'exclusion et des mesures prises pour les combattre. Une partie de ce numéro est consacrée à l'analyse des politiques publiques en la matière, à travers le regard croisé des experts français et québécois, pour évaluer leur pertinence avec le recul et la neutralité nécessaire.

Socoioeconomic status gradients and health and well-being status
HERTZMAN, Clyde. Presentation given at the conference held on 28 January 2003 and organised by the GRAVE-Ardec research team at UQAM, in collaboration with the Groupe de recherche sur les aspects sociaux de la santé et de la prévention (GRASP) at University of Montreal.. (PDF format)


Measuring social exclusion
LESSOF, C and R JOWELL. The Centre for Research in to elections and social trends, National Centre for social research and Departement of Sociology, University of Oxford. Working paper #84, 2000.

World Development Report 2000-2001 : Attacking Poverty.
World Bank (Whasington). Paris, Oxford University Press , August 2000. (ISBN: 0-19-521129-4)


Poverty first hand : Poor people speak for themselves
BERESFORD, Peter, David GREEN, Ruth LISTER et Kirsty WOODWARD. CPAG, London, 1999. (ISBN 0 946744 89 0)


Measurement of Low Incomes and Poverty in a Perspective of International Comparisons
(downloadable document PDF format)

FÖRSTER, Michael F. Parie, OCDE, 1994 (Labour Market and Social Policy Occasional Papers No. 14)


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