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Objectives | Preferred Methods

To contribute to reducing social and health inequalities among the population of Montreal by encouraging knowledge development and linking research with decision-making.

To reach this goal, OMISS:

  • encourages information sharing among researchers from various fields;
  • provides the means to ensure that public health professionals use effective methodologies and can recognise resulting perverse effects;
  • disseminates information to the public;
  • supports initiatives aimed at influencing public authorities, including lobbying.


Based on an interdisciplinary approach, OMISS aims to:

  • study the action mechanisms of the social determinants of health;
  • identify congruent epidemiological indicators and conduct epidemiological monitoring;
  • characterise the environment;
  • conduct research on pertinent social development indicators related to population health;
  • analyse the policies that could transform the effect of social determinants on health;
  • revitalise public health practices to reduce social and health inequalities.



  • Research

    • Develop joint research projects based on a public health perspective.
    • Promote the financing of specific fields of research by funding agencies and private foundations

  • Teaching

    • Develop a programme of studies that focuses on social inequalities with population health

  • Networking knowledge

    • Create and update of databases, maps, and statistics on poverty
    • Maintain a Web site that provides up-to-date information on projects in progress and recent studies.
    • Organise an annual seminar and a series of conferences bringing together researchers, health professionals, and decision-makers.


Background | Organisation


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